Employee Benefits from working with Swan Technologies


Employees of Swan Technologies will experience a great deal of benefits. Our atmosphere is exciting and engaging so that you stay creative and focused. The fun-filled camaraderie which is saturated into the core of our business establishes a system in which individuals are thrilled to come to work. Though we focus on customer satisfaction as our primary motivator, employee satisfaction and engagement is a top priority as well. Because we only employ the best persons at Swan Technologies we want to ensure that we keep the best employees by offering benefits which they will enjoy. Here are a few of the many benefits you will find in working with Swan Technologies.

Breathing Space for Productivity

Unlike some companies that will stick you shoulder to shoulder with your co-employees, Swan Technologies believes that you need to have room in which to work. Having the space in which to think and to work creates a more productive workplace. Where we do monitor the results of your work to ensure that we have the best quality standards being met, we will not breath down your neck during the workday, but let you work freely and creatively to achieve the client’s demands.

Incentives, social events, and a personality

Large corporations tend to forget the personal level of employee engagement. We believe that a fun work environment sparks for a better working environment. If employees are more comfortable in their jobs, they are more apt to produce the best results. It is for this reason that we offer several productivity initiatives throughout the year. Monthly, we award the ‘Employee of the month’ to the individual showing not only the highest amount of sales, but the greatest amount of professionalism, creativity, interactions, and innovations within the company. We also offer a variety of social events in which we build up the comradely of the business. Finally, we engage personally with our employees to make them feel like they are an intricate part of our business. You are not just a number or a shift, but an individual.

Going beyond the workday

At Swan Technologies, we believe that if you are going to spend a majority of your day working with us, that we should treat you like family. We schedule many leisure events which go beyond the workday. These may be movie shows, picnics, relaxation sessions, trips, and so forth.