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Having your own website if you are a business is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity. Think of it as your real estate, your store, on the worldwide web market where the whole world is your customer. But do you know what kind of website do you need? Do you need an e-commerce website? A blog? A membership website? A dynamic or a static website? If you need any of these, and live in or around Prince Albert, Moose Jaw, or Saskatoon in Canada, then Swan Technologies is for you!


A type of website that is most commonly used is a Static HTML website. This kind of website does not need to be updated often. It is composed of static pages that have all the content that educates your customers about your business and product or serves as a tool to a particular service that you provide. If you are a business that needs this type of website, then you have come to the right place. Our HTML web design services here at Swan Technologies are one of, if not, THE best you can find on the web.

You are guaranteed that our HTML web designers and developers have the relevant expertise that you need to build you a fully functional website. We have a web design team that understands what your business requires. We proficiently know how to build you a website that will attract and engage your potential customers, get easily found and indexed on the top three search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing!, and ultimately rank on the first pages for the keywords that represent your type of business.

You must now be already thinking of the kind of website you need, but first, let us talk more about what an HTML website is, its advantages and how we will put together a website for your business that will boost your brand and online presence.

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What is HTML and an HTML website?

HTML is a computer language used for creating websites. It stands for HyperText Markup Language. It is the markup language that is read by the browsers to render web pages. And just like the language we use in speech, it evolves. Today, it is universally used together with JavaScript and CSS to enhance the web pages created according to our desired look and feel.

An HTML website is a website with static pages. This is a website that is created mainly using HTML. It can be just a basic website with no comments or additional functionality which are popular on blogs. The files are loaded up on the web server “as is”. This kind of website is simple and quick to develop – graphics and the scripts used are uncomplicated, easy to host, search-engine friendly and is commonly preferred for commercial needs.

What are the advantages/benefits of an HTML website?

HTML is Supported by All Browsers

Most, if not all, browsers support HTML. If your website is created using this web programming language, you are assured that it will be accessible anywhere in the world. Indeed, there are more browsers that support HTML than any other computer language on the web. When we build your website using HTML, we make sure that it is optimized for compatibility with the most commonly used browsers on the web, especially the top three – Google, Yahoo and Bing!

HTML is Easy and Quick to Set Up 

Since HTML is the most common programming language on the web, it will be easy to use and will allow for a quick set up for your site. This means that your website can be up and running in no time. Also, additional features, updates and revisions can be quickly implemented with HTML. Along with JavaScript and CSS, you will have a well-designed, fully functional and efficient website.

HTML is The Most Search Engine Friendly

HTML is by far the most search engine friendly programming language on the web. Because of this, creating websites and web pages that are compliant with the search engines has become considerably painless. It causes the least problems when building SEO-compliant websites and offers enormous flexibility to ensure that your website will become optimized to show up in the first pages of the search engines. With an HTML website, search engine crawlers can easily read and index your site, which decreases your web page load time and helps your site perform well in search results.

HTML is All You Need

In most cases; HTML really is all you need. With all the advantages mentioned above, they should be enough for your website to function as it should such as providing information about your company, product or service and offering specific features and functionalities that serve to satisfy the needs of your customers. So how do we build an HTML website for your business?

3 Easy Steps We Will Take to Set up Your HTML Website

Step 1 Identify the kind of website that your business needs

We will conceptualize the kind of website that your business specifically needs by defining the exact features it should have and how it should be used to cater to the needs of your customers. We will be asking questions such as “Does your website only need to provide information of you business, service or product?” “Should it have a blog where you can post updates of your business?” or “Are you looking to set up a website that has more of an e-commerce functionality?” Whichever you need, we can build it for you!

Step 2 Work with you on the specific website design that you want

The design and aesthetic needs of your website must also be defined clearly. We will work on identifying with you the kind of look and feel that you want for your website. We will present you with website templates we have created ourselves that you can browse and check out to inspire and help you come up with the best design for your website. And more importantly, our goal is to create not only a website that serves all the functions that you want for your customers, but also a design that works well with its basic purpose to draw and keep your visitors on your website and convert them into potential customers.

Step 3 Optimize your website for major search engines

Lastly, and the most important factor in building a great website is its ability to be easily found and ranked in search engines. Having a well-designed and innovative website is useless if your customers cannot find it on the web. Web traffic is the lifeblood of every business on the Internet; without it there is no profit and growth. With Swan Technologies, you are assured high visibility and priority on search results because our web developers specialize in search engine optimization.


As the Owner/Breeder/Trainer of Rock of Ages Kennel I don’t have a lot of time to spend making and updating a website.  I need our updates to be simple, quick, professional, and I need to know I have a customer service team ready in case I need help.  I have a great relationship with Swan technologies and very happy with this service, especially sunny Spencer he has been phenomenal!  

Lori Berg- Rock of Ages Kennel

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