Responsive Web Design Services

Responsive Web Design Services

Do the images on your website become distorted when displayed on mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones? Does your website take ages to load on mobile devices? Or worse, your visitors get redirected to an error message because your website fails to roll up? Not a pretty scenario, is it?

When your web design is not optimized for other devices, its pages do not load properly and images do not adapt to the size of the device where it is being viewed. This seriously hurts conversion. In fact, a study on online user browsing activities says that 1 out of 4 people leave a page that takes more than four seconds to load. So, if you live in Prince Albert, Moose Jaw, or Saskatoon Canada or any part of the world and want to have a beautiful site fit for all devices, keep reading, we got you covered!


How do we solve this?

The only way to solve this problem is to have your web design optimized especially for mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones. A responsive, not just adaptive, web design is the only solution to your problem with screens of varying sizes. Building websites that are now responsive to specific device characteristics has become extremely important, especially for businesses. And to support that statement, this year, the Internet usage on mobile has already exceeded PC usage, wherein more than 60% of Internet users go online and access the web on their mobile devices.

What is web design optimization?

This is really significant because there will be no need for your users to be redirected to the mobile-optimized view. This also makes it much easier for your visitors to share or link to your content and this saves you and Google’s crawlers the time and resources, allowing for easy and efficient indexing of your website.

And ultimately, having an optimized web design allows faster load time which in turn gives your users and clients a really superior and gratifying viewing experience.

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How to optimize website for mobile devices?

This is where Swan Technologies comes in. We are a team of web developers who understand your needs, your goals, as well as your frustrations as a business person. With the expert guidance of our web designers, you are guaranteed of a website that will respond to your visitors’ behavior and environment. For example, if they switch from their PCs to their tablets or even mobile phones, your site will automatically adjust to the screen size, resolution and specific scripting features required by the current device.

To give you an idea how we can achieve this, here are 5 steps that we will do to optimize your website for mobile devices such as tablets, mobile phones, game consoles or even “phablets”.

1.Optimize images properly

It is common knowledge that images or photos on your website are usually the main reason why your site takes forever to load. The way to improve the performance of your website is by optimizing images properly through the use of Adaptive Images. These kinds of image detect screen size and immediately scale down the version of the image to adapt to the device being used, without the need to change any code on your website.

We will make sure through testing on specific devices that the images on your website do not get distorted and that each of your web pages will load faster to avoid a higher bounce rate, meaning the number of people leaving your site against the number who stay and interact with you more.

2. Use CSS media queries

We will utilize media queries to make your website responsive. With the use of these simple filters, it will be much easier to change styles based on the display type, height, width, orientation, resolution and other particular characteristics of the device delivering the content. These are simple commands that we will use to make your website more fluid and avoid breaking layout when viewed on a tablet or mobile device.

3. Conditional loading 

Ideally, mobile devices should not download all kinds of content, tables, maps, images, and so on. So we will design you a website that limits tablets and mobile phones from only downloading specific items of your site you want to be accessible on mobile. You should be able to decide which pages will be prioritized on the mobile-view of your website, pages such as the login page, home, contact pages, and so on. Once this is accomplished, it should significantly help in the reduction of load time every time your user views your website on his Smartphone or tablet.

4. Remove faulty or unused applications

We will build a clean website that is free from apps that are incompatible and do not work with mostly used mobile devices. This means that any application that only adds to the clutter will be removed in order to help increase load time. Pop-up contents, even if they are not ads, or anything else that can obstruct with the way your website is displayed, especially on mobile devices with small screens, will also be removed. 

5. Refocus Social Media Integration

We will make sure that the social media sharing on your website is seamless and properly integrated so that any of your user who launches your content on any social networking app can share it to anybody and any platform without leaving the social networking app, creating a shorter paths for this particular feature.

To sum up, a responsive web design is more than just a popular approach to use in the age of numerous devices. It has been the darling of the Internet crowd for years now, and even Google agrees that it’s the best way to build sites that can go mobile.

Our Promise

Again, we understand that optimizing your web design is crucial to your success, which is why we guarantee that the techniques and the best practices that we use in order to deliver the goods are always fresh, effective and exceedingly functional.

Couple that with our commitment to excellence and sincerity to the work we provide, we at Swan Technologies are confident that we offer you unparalleled value. Let us know today how we can help you increase your website’s conversion!

Plus, if you avail of our web design and hosting services for a year, you will get one hour of webmaster support personally for free. Fill in the form for your inquiries.


We’ve really been pleased with the work that Sunny and Swan Technologies have done for us. Our sites were up and running very quickly. The process of designing, editing and optimizing the sites was straightforward and the value we received was outstanding. I highly recommend them.

Marc Sagal- Managing Partner Winning Mind, LLC

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