Worry Free, Performance Based SEO Services At Affordable Prices

You have created your website, but it does not serve its purpose until it is visible among the millions of websites in the world. That is where SEO comes in. SEO is an organic way of improving the visibility of your website in search engines. If your website is ranked highly with search engines such as Google, the more frequent it will appear with a search of the key word that is relevant to your business. More visitors will thus visit your site.

It is a way of generating traffic to your site. The only way to enhance the conversion of the visitors to your website is by ensuring that you have more traffic towards your site. Compare it with having your business in a vintage location. The location makes you accessible to potential customers thus enhancing your sales and exposure. The same happens to your website when you employ SEO strategies. SEO positions your website in a vantage location to be accessible by relevant visitors.

Our search engine optimization core services include: Organic Search, On-Page SEO, Link Building, Keyword Research / Strategy and Activity Report.


Organic Search

Targeted promotion and development of rich content that fulfills your needs by improving, achieving and maintaining the visibility of your web presence.


On-Page SEO

Implementing solutions to make your content easily accessible to search engines, improve your site performance and boost your rankings.


Link Building

An essential part of any successful SEO strategy, let’s build your internal link profile to add significance to your page keywords listed within search engines.

Search Engine Optimization is fundamental to success.Our SEO service comply with the Google webmaster guidelines that means that we will make your website ranking highest with the most popular search engine.We enhanced our SEO tactics with social media marketing through our twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media outlets.

We do not employ link farms or other abuse blog comments because we understand that you need something that works and retains the integrity of your company’s brand.We have diversified site profiles and we employ delayed and natural link building strategies. 



Organic Traffic - Increase



Bounce Rate - Decrease



Average Visit Duration - Increase



Pages Per Session - Increase


Activity Reports

We provide a detailed report of your website SEO performance evaluation, as well as data about your traffic, top referring keywords and a full explanation of your search engine activity.


Keyword Research / Strategy

One of the most Important SEO elements is the target keywords. Let our team determine the best strategy for all your link building activities to increase your search engine ranking and organic traffic.

Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ?

Here are some interesting statistics about the internet. 93% of online experience being with a search engine and 70% of the links search users select are organic. Around 80% of the online search engine users ignore paid ads while 75% of the users never scroll past their fits page of the search results. Search strategies such as SEO are the number one driver of traffic to a website beating social media while SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, which is the highest. These numbers simply mean that your website visibility depends on SEO.

For you to improve your revenue streams and make more profits, you need SEO you cannot do without SEO. However, you need to work with the best when it comes to SEO ranking. You need a company that understands a lot about SEO and is ready to offer more than the basic SEO Strategies.

Swan Technologies focuses on increasing the conversation rate of online presence of a business by employing working strategies. We have a dedicated team of SEO and internet marketing experts who are not just endowed with the requisite skills but have also accumulated wealth of experience and are dedicates to SEO and internet marketing as their passion. These professionals have offers their valuable service to more than 200 clients across the globe and in the process gathered more than seven years of experience in providing the best services in SEO and internet marketing.

If you are located in Prince Albert, Moose Jaw, and Saskatoon in Canada or any other place in the world, this is the team for your service. We have managed to be up to date with the changing world of online business by attending regular training and coaching to keep up to date with the working trend. Our team is proficient in the latest technologies and internet marketing strategies always aspiring to learn with every passing time with the sole interest of ensuring that we deliver more that the customer’s expectation. With us, you are guaranteed of high visibility and business growth.


I worked with Sunny at Swan Technologies, I was very pleased with the service and the job he did. I got more than I expected. My website needed updated and I needed a logo, he was very patient with and made multiple changes until I was happy. He called a few times to clarify e-mail communication. I would use Swan Technologies again in the future.

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