Things to Consider while opting for web design services

Posted by Sunny Spencer on Jun 22, 2015
Things to consider while opt for web design services.

Are you planning to opt for web designing services? Fortunately, today you can find a number of web design and development companies offering exemplary web design services in the form of website designing, logo designing, content designing, and many more. However, it is imperative for you to take the web design services of a company that provides you with phenomenal and compelling websites that attract visitors to have a glance at your website. 

The companies offer web design and development services in different package plans. These plans including basic, professional, premium and enterprise plans, among which you can choose the one that meets your requirements. Just keep in your mind that not all the web designing and development companies provide every web design service as per the latest contemporary trend. And only a professional company understands the complexities of a designing a website that can turn your visitors into potential customers.

What’s more, only a professionally managed web designing and development company can help you earn high ROI and will provide you with website designs that can make your website the most searchable site. Furthermore, such companies offer:

  • Websites with user-friendly interfaces.

  • Websites designed as per the latest market trends with up-t0-date features.

Besides, keeping in mind the aforementioned points whilst choosing a company offering website design and development, there are certain points that you must keep into consideration to make your website stand the test of time:

  • Engaging Home Page: The most important part of the website is its home page, and it must allow maximum web usability and user engagement. Moreover, the home page has to be navigation friendly that allows users to navigate from on page to other easily. Undoubtedly a home page just full of text appears to be boring to users and will not be able to convince them to buy something. And thus, it is important for your website to have a home page that contains only relevant and small description.

  • Content: When designing a website, the other major consideration is Content. You must have heard of the context “Content is King”. It is true quality content is something that every user likes to read that tells about the products and services that the website offers in a succinct manner. Remember when someone searches from something, they visit your site for a reason and unless they found the useful information they move to the next site and so on.

  • Images: In addition to content, your website must contain images with text, as it makes the webpage look more engaging. However, it is necessary to add quality images in your website with Alt Tag. Also, it is a good practice to add call-to-action buttons with url that leads a user to the inside pages. I personally purchase high quality images and banner from Out of all the platforms available I found it most affordable and they have huge collection of quality images for each niche.

  • Load Time:  The next step is to check the page speed of your website. You need to ensure your website loads up in less than 5 seconds else chances are 1 out of 4 visitors will leave your site immediately. I personally prefer Google developer tool for testing my website speed as 60% of the traffic comes through it. Here is the link for you to test your page speed

 Once you're done with Page speed you may need to check out if you are using heavy banners or images on site, as it will make your page so heavy that it will take ages to load, a big set back for the visitors.

There are several tools available these days to compress the images out of which I prefer JPEG Optimizer . It compress the image size  upto 50%-80% without damaging the quality of pictures.

  • Responsive Design: This is most important aspect of web design process. Technology is changing every day and its must for every business to keep the pace with new technology to stay in the game. 

So, what exactly is Responsive Design ?

Does your website takes ages to load on mobile devices ? Do the images of your website get distorted when view on a tablet or a Smartphone ? Or worse, your visitors redirected to an error message because it fails to roll up ? Not a pretty scenario, is it?

Responsive design is about optimizing for website for mobile devices by making necessary changes in media queries and CSS files. Stats shows 45% of internet users around the world use their Smartphones, Iphone, Ipad , Tablets to access any information over the internet which is expected to be increase to 65% by 2017. So, if your website is not optimized for mobile devices this seriously hurts conversion.

Survey also shows 70% of the websites around the world are still not optimized for mobile devices. Getting a responsive web design for your business can get you competitive advantage. 


What you must remember, website is the direct reflection of you and your business. Imagine for a moment a potential client visit your office and see everything messed up from bad odor to unclean surrounding & unprofessional staff . What are your chances of getting the business from him ? You're right ..NONE

Just like you ensure the visitors to your office should see a clean, nicely presentable, enthusiastic and well qualified staff , the visitors to your website expects the same.

If you're one of those businesses who are not sure about your business objectives or got a website which does no good to your business give me 30 minutes of your time and I will teach you step wise how you can turn your old boring website in to a revenue generating machine.

In my next blog I will teach you how you can optimize your website for search engines and the tools which will boost the traffic on it.

So, what are the issues you facing with your website ?

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