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For Swan Technologies it is more than having your site hosted. It is about having your business going with the support that you get from shared hosting. Our team is always available and ready to address any issues that may arise. Our services are also customer focused with our products deliberately to ensure that our customers business or online presence operate optimally. We know that shared hosting is part of the process of your business and that is why we handle it with the utmost dedication and professionalism to ensure that we meet our end when it comes to making your business work.


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As a dedicated customer, enjoy direct support from specialists who know our most powerful servers best. Call the exclusive support line anytime.

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  • Best hardware around the world
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Easy powerful control panel with special tools
  • Unlimited FTP accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL database 
  • Powerful servers with Dual Quad Core processors
  • Email accounts
  • IMAP support 
  • POP3 with SMTP
  • Easy and effective webmail interphase
  • You enjoy Private SSL
  • Modern data center for total security for your data 

Understanding shared web hosting

A shared web hosting service is also known as virtual hosting service or using a more technical term the derive host. If you have a website, then it has to reside somewhere where so all your contents are accessible to other remote users. Websites reside on web servers that are connected to the internet. Each website that is created sits on its own partition of the web space. It is expensive to have your own space especially if you do not need as much space as most websites do. For this reason, you may need to share the space thus the shared web hosting.

Shared web hosting implies that you are using just part of a wider space that is shared among various website. It is economical and if well maintained more efficient. Other than just getting the space, there is need for the website to be maintained in a shared space that has the right technical capabilities thus the Linux shared web hosting.


Linux shared web hosting 

Linux shared Web hosting is among the most common types of web hosting. It means that the hosting of the website is supported by Linux. It is the most sought for approach to web hosting because of its reliability and efficiency in performance. If you are in Prince Albert, Moose Jaw, or Saskatoon in Canada, this should be your choice of web hosting. Linux is an open source platform for web hosting meaning it is free. However, you will need some technical support to maintain your website and ensure that it is well installed and up all the time. That is where Swan Technologies and our services come in.

Linux shared web hosting is the most stable and secure. Basically, operating on a Linux platforms guarantees utmost security and the best services in terms of having a platform to host your website with minimal inefficiencies. However, operating the Linux platforms require utmost proficiency and understanding of Linux. Unlike other hosting options, maintenance of Linus run servers demands more than the basic server management skills. You need a dedicated team otherwise you will not benefit from the many advantages that come with Linux systems.

Who we are 

Anyone who intends to have a reliable and economic way of having his or her website online needs a reliable partner with the right technical expertise to handle the hosting. Hosting determines the reliability of your website. It is not just about having a Linux supported hosting but also about hosting your website with a company that can maintain quality performance of the site. The hosting server has to be up always and enjoy the best technical support that it can get because having your website down means closing shop and there are loses incurred.

Swan is a technology company that has gathered enough experience and technical skills to offer the best shared hosting service for business around Prince Albert, Moose Jaw, and Saskatoon in Canada. Our shared hosting services come with the best services you can get in the market and guarantees that your website uptime will be around 99.9%.

If you are around Prince Albert, Moose Jaw, and Saskatoon in Canada, you have a reliable partner for your shared web hosting services in Swan Technologies. We have state of the art equipment for your shared web hosting services and the expertise to much them. Our servers are always up and well maintained to offer quality service throughout the year. We guarantee to exceed your expectation and give you more than you bargained for

We offer Linux shared web hosting service at the best market rates. Other than the good price, you get one hour of webmaster support each month if you sign a 1 year contract. That means that you get technical service during and after the implementation of your website at absolutely no cost from the best experts in the market.

With all the added features and the right skills, it means that hosting with Swan Technologies gives you an array of products that can all by synchronized and implemented within your shared hosting in house. It is a one stop for online presence. Get involved now and benefit from the advantage of synergy with the best experts. Let the experts handle your shared hosting, talk to us. 


I had the pleasure of working with Sunny Spencer through a period of 3-4 months on a bigger WordPress project.The project consisted of taking a simple WordPress site and creating a custom woo-commerce site based on my former site. The requirements changed half way through, and they were able to pivot and incorporate the changes within the original schedule and at a very high level of quality. In other words they went above and beyond what was required of them to fulfill the work. I highly recommend Sunny Spencer and his team! They are good at thinking outside the box when it comes to coding and designing..

Adam Braff- www.singlecoach.dk

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