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A great looking logo is capable enough to attract customers, regardless of business you are operating. That’s the main reason why you should have a good looking logo for your company that not only describes your business, but also helps to attract the visitors searching for a great and reliable company. Remember, the first thing that grabs the attention of the visitor has always been the LOGO. So if you’re in Prince Albert, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw or anywhere else in Canada, look no further for your premium logo design services!


Reasons of having a fabulous logo for your brand

Although a professional logo has several reasons to be built flawlessly, here is a short list of reasons why you need to pay attention while hiring a company or an individual. 

1. A logo has power to attract good business to you. 
2. If you are new to the business, a good logo helps you to grab attention of people searching for hiring a new company for their projects. 
3. Projects an image to the client about your way to deal small yet important things. 
4. Last, but not the least, a logo presents you in the market where there are several similar companies are operating. 

So, if you are looking forward to present a good image of your brand, then it is recommended that you should hire a company that has experience in delivering fabulous logos to their customers. In short, you should try some professional logo designers instead of searching the internet for a template logo for your business. 

Recent Projects

Fruit Juice Company Logo Design

PFT Brands, Inc.

  • Industry : Manufacturer
  • Project Type : Logo Design

Window Cleaning Services Logo design

What a Pane, LLC

  • Industry : Window Cleaning Service
  • Project Type : Logo Design

Travel Industry Logo Design

Bule Travels

  • Industry : Tours & Travels
  • Project Type : Logo Design

Roofing & Restoration services Logo

HCS Roofing & Restoration, LLC

  • Industry : Hail Claim Specialist
  • Project Type : Logo Design

community services logo design

NYC Community Services

  • Industry : Community
  • Project Type : Logo Design

Packaging Services Logo Design

Pacific Coast Packaging Inc

  • Industry : Packaging Supplies
  • Project Type : Logo Design

Moving Company Logo Design

DZ Moving & Storage

  • Industry : Movers & Packers
  • Project Type : Logo Design

HRV Storage Services Logo design

HRV Storage Rental Inc

  • Industry : Rentals/Storage
  • Project Type : Logo Design

Health Industry Logo Design

ASI Health Inc.

  • Industry : Health
  • Project Type : Logo Design

Community logo design

Teen Age Parenting Services

  • Industry : Non-Profit
  • Project Type : Logo Design

Buckland Fire and Rescue Department Logo

Buckland Fire & Rescue Dept.

  • Industry : Fire Dept.
  • Project Type : Logo Design

Elderly Care Logo Design

Bella Home Care Services

  • Industry : Health Care
  • Project Type : Logo Design

Travel Company Logo Design

Adventure Honeymoons

  • Industry : Travel
  • Project Type : Logo Design

photography logo design

Craig Gormus Studio

  • Industry : Photographer
  • Project Type : Logo Design

Cleaning service logo design

Pro Comm Clean Services

  • Industry : Cleaning Services
  • Project Type : Logo Design

Taxidermy Services Logo design

Mickey Bowman Taxidermy Services

  • Industry : Taxidermy
  • Project Type : Logo Design

Hiring a Logo designing company

There are plenty of individual designers and companies in the market that can provide you a logo that can attract customers to you. But as there are too many companies to choose from, it is often a bit confusing for the customers to choose one out of them. IN order to choose one of the best logo designers out in the industry, it is advised that you should look for some of the necessary qualities in them. Here’s the list of qualities that a good logo designer company should possess

1. Good Experience

2. Cooperative customer support

3. Reliable designers

4. Good knowledge of respective fields

5. Review from the previous clients

A company that has all the above-listed qualities and has really great reviews from their previous clients is “Swan Technologies”. We have a rich portfolio to show our experience and quality work that makes us ahead of our competitors. In addition to the logo design, you can also get full support from us to start a new online business, or a website. The only thing you need to do, is to contact us by merely filling a simple form and our professionals will contact you in almost no time.

Talking specifically about the logo design service form the Swan Technologies; you can not only choose the type of logo for your company, but also tell us about some special things that you want to add in your logo. You can also get the expert suggestions from the professionals in order to know how you can get a great logo for your business. However, if you want to get a more personalized logo for your business, then here are the type logos that the website provides for its customers.

1. Product Logo Design

Suitable for those clients who are having different products under one brand name, and want to have an exclusive logo for all their products. This can eventually help the buyers to build an independent view for all the products that are currently being sold by the company.

2. Portal Logo Design

As the name describes, the portal logos are for those clients who have an online business, or want to have a separate logo for their online customers. A portal logo needs to be simpler yet effective as it should be loaded to the website as early as possible. You won’t let your visitor see the logo just before they are closing your web page. So, the web portal logo must be good looking as well small in size so that it quickly load with the page.

3. Medical Logo Design

Medical logo design is mainly intended for the private nursing homes, and doctors who are working individually. The logo designed for the medical field must be able to provide a ray of hope for the patients and hence should be designed with the utmost precision and responsibility. In addition to this, it is also recommended that your logo clearly specifies about your specialty. It is advised that you should consult with the designers before handling them your logo project.

4. Restaurant Logo Design

As any other business, your logo tells much about you if you are in a restaurant business. Make sure that your logo is equally good looking and tempting as your food. It is better if you suggest the designer to include the specialty of your restaurant. Ask them to use vibrant colours to the logo to make sure the logo attracts the foodies out there.

5. Logo for software companies

The logo has a great importance for a software company. The globalization has allowed the software companies to have worldwide business, and while dealing with the clients from the other countries, the only thing that is visible to them is your logo and experience. That’s the reason why you should have a great logo if you are running a global software company.

6. Bank logo

As the medical logo, bank logo must also show a feeling of trust to the clients. Make sure that the logo is simple and attractive that makes the people think that your bank is better and reliable than the others.

The other types of logos that you can choose from include a Financial Institutions Logo Design, and Scientific Logo Design.

You can either tell the experts to get above listed specific logo designs, or ask them to deliver a unique logo design for your business. So, what are you waiting for? Just contact us, and have an exclusive logo designed by the professional designers. Believe us, a perfect logo can open new doors for your business, and will help you earn more than ever before. You will get a great-looking and effective logo at a reasonable price.


Sunny was a great partner to work with. Was very timely if the development of the new web site, logo and worked with me to ensure that the site was up and working properly. Will use him again for my new web site.

Charles Goldberg- www.cagfinan.com

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