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Being a favorite brand is more valuable than just being a Famous one

Our Vast Experience In all Facets of Web Design Sets Us Apart From Other Companies and Allows Us to Help You Reach Your Full Potential. Put your business online, discover more leads and earn more sales.

Online Presence Analysis

Your online presence is your individual stamp on the digital world. Where other companies may simply utilize standard options, we take into account your individual nature. We, instead, analyze your needs with a wide range of tools, resources and techniques that allow us an accurate depiction of your personal, business requirements. Our team, then offers a clear, informative recommendation while providing steps to will further your online presence.

Content Marketing Strategy

Having your site noticed in today’s endless stream of websites can be a challenge, but through our comprehensive content marketing strategies, we allow you to thrive. Content marketing is not merely about writing a stream of key words, but actually inspiring, engaging, and creating an online community to drive online rankings. It helps influence consumer behavior, with the end goal of boosting sales and increasing interaction between the brand and customer.

Reputation Management

Your company’s reputation is important and our reputation management services are focused on boosting your online visibility to drive visitors to your website. We do this by enhancing your reputation within search engines. Our reputation management services, essentially redact the negative while enhancing the positive. Positive feedback is brought to the top of the search engine through keyword driven content while negative feedback and content is dissipated through keyword searches, brand searches, or both if necessary.

Web Design Services Prince Albert

Saskatchewan Award Winning Digital Marketing Agency That Helps You Succeed.

When working with Swan Technologies, you will not receive an everyday, average website, but one that is custom built for you. Our team starts development from scratch, beginning with coding and ending with a mark up to web design and final content.

Our expert team’s goal is not to simply deliver a website, but provide one that ranks higher in search engines while providing website visitors/users with the best experience possible.

The real focus here is on your ROI (return on investment). At Swan Technologies, we shape digital strategies for our clients to prioritize cost effective solutions aimed at delivering a measurable ROI.

Saskatchewan PSD to HTML Conversion Services

Digital Marketing Consulting Services Prince Albert, SK

A complex, yet effective strategy is necessary if you are to compete with other online entities. Digital Consultancy aims to define a tight, digital strategy that focuses on driving your key commercial goals. At Swan Technologies, we work to help you realize your goals through Digital Consultancy. We  focus to train your staff, boost revenue, raise your profile, and ultimately reduce your overall costs. With us, you will have the advantage of better communication with your staff and customers.

With Digital Consultancy from Swan Technologies, you maintain ultimate control over your online needs, but with support from us. This gives you the ability to outsource certain aspects of your online business while maintaining total control and knowing those outsourced tasks are handled by our expert team at Swan Technologies.

Our deep industry knowledge is something we take great pride in and look to provide every client with a technical, creative, and industrial experience that continuously delivers the outstanding results they’ve come to expect.

We give you both Branding & Competitor Analysis Support

Even the most effective business manager or owner may not be in tune to the intricacies of proper branding or competitor analysis. Here at Swan Technologies, we offer both these services to you. We can assess the effectiveness and impact you are already making and investigate your competitors for you and show where your branding or competitor analysis may be lacking. Swan Technologies helps you realize where your competitors may be doing better than you and identify KPIs for future analysis to prioritize your valuable resources. We work with any budget, time restraints, and internal resources for the best branding and competitor analysis support available.

Swan Technologies, further enhances your experience by providing insight into your company and who is buying from you. We analyze and track customer behaviors to see how they interact with your brand. It is with this research that we can understand certain points that are significant to your customers to influence their future purchases throughout the “Consumer Journey.”

Our service can be utilized in conjunction with one another or on an individual basis. Swan Technologies works to give you the tailored services you need to grow your online company.

Our Custom Website Design Services

From small business website designs to large, enterprise-level projects, we have a custom solution for your company.

WordPress Web Design

Making a visually attractive website can be pretty easy, but visuals alone are not enough to make an impact in this increasingly competitive online world. The site must be seamless for users to utilize over every platform, highly user friendly, and streamlined and building on WordPress encompasses all needs.

As the world’s current most widely used CMS to build websites, WordPress powers over 22% of the world’s sites. WordPress makes it all easy. From publishing on the web to integrating web content we optimize it all, and organize as well. WordPress does it all in a snap. Unlike other platforms, WordPress remains flexible for virtually all users and is available for general sites, ecommerce sites, lead generation sites, and even simple brochure sites to showcase your company.

Saskatchewan WordPress Web Design & Development
Saskatchewan eCommerce Website Design and Development

eCommerce Website Development

Online selling has revolutionized the commerce industry and if you are to compete, a quality built eCommerce site is essential. There are many platforms on which an eCommerce site can be built, but at Swan Technologies, we recommend, Woo-commerce, Shopify, or Magneto. From design to development, we are here for you and work with any PHP or store. A site built specifically for you, with your budget in mind, with help throughout the process is what Swan Technologies provides to take your eCommerce site to the top.

Landing Page Design & Optimization

First impressions are important from both a personal standpoint as well as an online one. Your landing pages are your first impressions to customers. Swan Technologies, strives to deliver the best landing page experience to customers so they return time and time again to your site. With our landing page design & optimization expertise, you will simultaneously, meet all customer expectations, sell your service or product, and communicate a trustworthy and credible mindset to your clientele.

If you make all of these aspects a priority, you will pull off an excellent user experience every time. Blow it and you will virtually destroy your chances of return customers.

At Swan Technologies, your landing page will be A/B testing. This gives us the means of providing you with a conversion-optimized landing page to provide you and your users the best experience possible. We also work with you and retest your site to ensure you get the right design that delivers!

Landing Page Design Services Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan Logo Design & Business Branding Solutions

Logo Design & Business Branding

Your brand and logo say a lot about who you are as a company. Currently 75% of B2B buyers prefer branded content. This fact alone proves that your logo and branding is essential to your business’s success. Your logo is the face of your company and a carefully crafted logo sets the tone for your business. From color, font, design, and every aspect of your logo and branding, we work to give your brand name the successful face it deserves to maximize your bottom line.


Swan Technologies is ranked Saskatchewan’s best PSD to HTML conversion companies for 2018. Our experience culminates from hundreds of successful Web Development Projects and if you are looking to revamp you existing HTML site, or have a PSD to HTML website need, Swan Technologies is the name to remember. Our vast experiences gives us the expertise to develop stunning, fully functioning websites for any industry. At Swan Technologies, we offer ever expanding services, including, but not limited to, e-commerce, blogging, news, education, moving companies, real estate, blogging, authors and more!

Saskatchewan Responsive Website Design & Development

Responsive Website Design

With over 60% internet users worldwide accessing websites on mobile devices, it is essential for each business to have their website optimize for all devices. Swan Technologies has a team of experienced professionals who engineer responsive, beautiful website designs leveraging CSS media queries and following the best in class design practices.

We guarantee our sites will deliver outstanding UI and UX for every screen size and every user. Whether you are looking to create a site completely from scratch or upgrade an existing site, Swan Technologies can help you succeed in this modern world to win more customers than ever before.

Secured Testing Environment for Your Web Project

At Swan Technologies, we value testing your site before it goes live to your customers. Our complex content gathering tools allow us to visualize necessary content in our secured staging area. This gives us the opportunity to see what works and what does not without impacting your business.

Cross-Platform Testing

Testing multiple platforms is essential to the overall success of your site. At Swan Technologies, we test on all major browsers and operating systems for any discrepancies or bugs before signing off on the project. Both users and administrator avenues are cross-platform tested to ensure a bug free, user friendly environment.


What Clients Say

Max Davis- Mount Capital Real Estate and Mortgage

Sunny and the team over at Swan Technologies are truly a blessing. Their commitment to providing excellent work and customer satisfaction are unparalleled. The time and dedication I received from the team will certainly have me hire them again in the future.

Thibault Perez- Bid My Classic

SWAN TECHNOLOGIES have delivered the requested outputs in a quick and efficient manner. Professional, knowledgeable, cost-effective and punctual. I highly recommend their services. There are not that many service providers of that quality available online.

Renee Boyle- Fall Church – McLean Children’s Center

We were looking for a fresh new design that was playful and creative. Swan Technologies absolutely delivered! We love the layout and the ease of navigating the site. The sub pages are organized, neat, visually appealing. We were impressed with how quickly it all came together. Love the photo gallery and the blog to update […]


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  • Custom Theme Design
  • Slideshow Banners
  • Mobile Devices Optimized
  • upto 6 pages
  • Custom Contact form
  • Testimonial Page
  • Social Media Integration
  • Cross Browser Compatibility

Small Business

Special Offer


  • Custom Theme Design
  • upto 12 Pages
  • Slideshow Banners
  • Mobile Devices Optimized
  • Custom Blog Design & Integration
  • Testimonial Page
  • Newsletter Sign-up Integration
  • Social Media Integration
  • Custom Contact form
  • Cross Browser Compatibility


Our Best Solution


  • Custom Theme Design
  • upto 25 Pages
  • Slideshow Banners (5 Stockfree Images)
  • Mobile Devices Optimized
  • Custom Blog Design & Integration
  • Testimonial Page
  • Newsletter Sign-up Integration
  • Custom Contact form
  • Social Media Integration
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • ON-Page SEO
  • Google Analytics & Webmaster Integration
  • Photo Gallery