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We provide you with an assortment of services that will make your website stand out in Google’s Search Results for the keywords you need. Those include (but are not limited to) content management, social media marketing, infographics, viral marketing, on-page optimization and error debugging for crawlers.

Unlock Your Website's Potential with Powerful SEO Strategies

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Are you struggling to drive organic traffic to your website? Our expert team of SEO professionals is here to help you unlock your website’s true potential. With our proven strategies, we’ll optimize your website to rank higher on search engine results pages, attract more visitors, and boost your online visibility.

Stay Ahead of the Competition with Cutting-Edge SEO Techniques

In today’s highly competitive digital landscape, staying ahead of the competition is crucial. Our SEO services utilize cutting-edge techniques and industry best practices to ensure your website not only ranks higher but also maintains its position. Stay ahead of your competitors and dominate the search engine rankings with our effective SEO strategies.

Real-time Analytics

Real-time analytics is the discipline that applies logic and mathematics to data to provide insights for making better decisions quickly. We produce technical audits and bespoke reports that will help you figure out what you can improve in your website and strategies to effectively target the right audience & get conversions.

24/7 Monitoring

With us, your business is always online. We provide 24/7 support for any issues you might come across. The performance of your website is monitored everyday to ensure the rankings are maintained and traffic is increasing significantly.

Reputation Management

We analyse the sentiment behind any statements about your brand and resolve negative reviews and comments. Create a positive image about brand or product & protect your brand on the internet. Spot the trends before they're trending with our cutting-edge solutions.

Worry Free, Performance Based SEO Services At Affordable Prices!

Maximize Your Online Reach and Increase Conversions

Are you looking to expand your online reach and convert more visitors into customers? Our comprehensive SEO and marketing services are designed to do just that. We'll optimize your website, create compelling content, and implement targeted marketing campaigns to maximize your online visibility, attract your target audience, and ultimately increase conversions.

Search Engine Optimization

We provide you with both on-page optimization and link building strategies.

Local SEO

We tap into directory submission, online reputation management and optimization services according to your region.

Conversion Optimization

For a great ROI, we do keyword research and content optimization within your website to make sure you get an increase in sales.

Competition Analysis

We analyse what works for your competitors and help you implement the right strategy for your industry.

Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website with Tailored SEO Solutions

Don’t waste time and resources on generic SEO approaches. Our team specializes in providing tailored SEO solutions that are specifically designed to meet your unique business needs. By understanding your target audience and industry, we’ll implement SEO strategies that drive highly targeted traffic to your website, resulting in improved lead generation and sales.

Experience Measurable Results and ROI with Our SEO Expertise

When investing in SEO and marketing services, it’s essential to see tangible results and a positive return on investment (ROI). With our expertise and data-driven approach, we deliver measurable results that you can see and track. Experience increased website traffic, higher rankings, and a significant boost in your bottom line with our SEO services.

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

SEO provides you visibility online and an effective presence in search results leading to a substantial increase of sales, ROI, and cost efficiency for your website.

We provide you with services that will help you increase sales and upgrade your visibility on Google. Through keyword research, on-site and off-site optimization, we help you achieve the results you need in terms of SEO.

Our SEO strategies will make sure your site ranks highly in search results. We’ll provide a full SEO keyword ranking report, a link building profile report and indexed page information for all your website. Our customer focused team will improve your traffic flow and increase sales for your web-based operations. Search Engine Optimization is your key to success!

We offer you different packages according to your company’s needs. Our pricing is adjusted for different businesses and website sizes. Let us do the hard work as our experts are trained on the latest guidelines from all major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex and Yahoo.

Saskatchewan Website SEO Audit Services


Website SEO Audit

A website audit is the first step in every SEO strategy. To know what needs to be improved, we provide you with an initial analysis that can vary in depth and detail. For small websites, sometimes small changes like updating written content and tags can do the trick. However, larger and older sites might need some changes that take longer to implement and need specialists to figure out.

Our experienced team is ready to take on any challenge, no matter the size of your website and the type of audit that is needed. An audit will show you exactly what you need to improve to make your website rank higher on Google search results for the keywords that matter for your business. We do this through an extensive analysis of your website’s content and technical features so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Saskatchewan On Page SEO Services


On-Page SEO

On-site (or on-page) SEO takes the changes that are recommended in your audit and starts by updating your content and tags (like title tags, meta description tags, and alt-img tags) to make your website readable by Google’s crawlers. Crawlers are software applications that run automated tasks over the internet. They review your whole website and index it on Google’s search results. To improve your ranking, your website needs to have the right content on it and comply to the best practices described by Google in terms of technical features.

On-page SEO is at the heart of any optimization job, and it will be the first big step into making sure your website ranks at the top of the search results. We make sure to research which keywords are perfect for finding out your service and include them in your content and tags. Besides that, we do all the optimizations that make your website compliant with Google Webmaster rules, which are mostly technical revisions. These will include internal linking across your website and speed optimization, besides other crucial factors that will account for your website to be ranked higher.

Saskatchewan SEO Link Building Services


Link Development

Link Development is part of off-site SEO. It includes submitting content from your website on other websites, creating links that point towards your website. Google’s crawlers consider each backlink a kind of “vote” that vouches for your website’s quality. This task takes a lot more time than on-site SEO and will need to be performed constantly so your backlinks continue to grow.

It’s essential that you have evergreen content in your website that other people will find interesting, creative or educational. If people like your content, they’re much more likely to link to it in their own blogs and websites. Blog outreach is another component of link development. Good quality content leads to happy readers – and, in general, what’s good for people is good for Google’s search ranking as well.

Link Development includes directory submissions, blog and forum comment, social bookmarking , classifieds, reputation management, article writing and submissions, managing any negative feedback there might be for you in other websites, finding all references to your services or product and managing your online reputation.

We do not employ link farms or other abuse blog comments because we understand that you need something that works and retains the integrity of your company’s brand.We have diversified site profiles and we employ delayed and natural link building strategies.

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What Clients Say

Sunny and the team over at Swan Technologies are truly a blessing. Their commitment to providing excellent work and customer satisfaction are unparalleled. The time and dedication I received from the team will certainly have me hire them again in the future.

Max Davis- Mount Capital Real Estate and Mortgage

SWAN TECHNOLOGIES have delivered the requested outputs in a quick and efficient manner. Professional, knowledgeable, cost-effective and punctual. I highly recommend their services. There are not that many service providers of that quality available online.

Thibault Perez- Bid My Classic

We were looking for a fresh new design that was playful and creative. Swan Technologies absolutely delivered! We love the layout and the ease of navigating the site. The sub pages are organized, neat, visually appealing. We were impressed with how quickly it all came together. Love the photo

Renee Boyle- Fall Church – McLean Children’s Center

Sunny & his team at Swan has done a great job with redesigning my website. They built a custom theme from scratch for our restaurant and bar in Texas. Our online bookings has increased significantly since the new website is up. Great company to work with. I highly recommend!

Bradley Fredericks- Fajitas & ‘Ritas

Sunny and his team were very responsive to our company’s requirements, and they went the extra mile to ensure that the project was completed to our satisfaction. I am happy with the final product and will be using their services in the future when the need arises.

Tony Kniffen- Insightity LLC

Work is progressing very nicely. Sunny is very patient and helpful in explaining the process and making sure I am informed. Very confident we will have success in this project. I enjoyed working with Sunny and his team. They allowed me to have a say in the design of

Richard Evans- Unscratch The Surface

Amazing experience! Great partnership! Very willing to go the extra mile! Thanks Sunny!

Adrian- Choice Property Resources, Inc.

Swan Technologies has been a pleasure to work with. They are bringing my website vision to life. I can’t wait to see and publish the final site.

Leslie Carey- Believe Aesthetics

Sunny was amazing from the initial contact and beyond post production. Our project came out beyond our expectations. Excellent communication through out the entire process. Well Done !!

Steve Siokos- Delta Loans, LLC

Sunny at Swan has been a really helpful and diligent outsourcer. He has a very positive attitude and will do whatever it takes to try and get the job right for you. He works exceptionally long hours but remains cheerful and helpful throughout the task. Thoroughly recommended.

Philip Rose- Chalets Marketing Limited

Choose Pricing Plan


  • 10 Keyword Phrases
  • 2 months agreement ( Min. 2 months commitment is required)
  • Focused on Ranking Locally or Statewide
  • Keyword Research
  • Analytics Setup & Configuration
  • Monthly Strategy Discussion
  • Title Tag & Meta Tag Creation
  • Technical SEO - (Robots.txt, Sitemap, etc)
  • Internal Link Building (Crosslinking)
  • Basic On-Site Optimization
  • Content Optimization Suggestion
  • Basic On-Site Optimization
  • Offsite Link Building
  • Monthly Custom Report


  • 25 Keywords Phrases
  • 2 months agreement ( Min. 2 months commitment is required)
  • Competitive Keywords / Ranking Nationwide
  • Keyword Research
  • Analytics Setup & Configuration
  • Title Tag & Meta Tag Creation
  • Technical SEO - (Robots.txt, Sitemap, etc.)
  • Internal Link Building (Crosslinking)
  • Content Optimization Suggestion
  • Advanced On-Site / Code Optimization
  • Offsite Link Building
  • eCommerce or Lead Generation Focused
  • Monthly Custom Report
  • Monthly Personalized Review Call
  • Conversion Optimization


  • 45 Keywords Phrases
  • 2 months agreement ( Min. 2 months commitment is required)
  • Competitive Keywords / Ranking Nationwide
  • Keyword Research
  • Analytics Setup & Configuration
  • Monthly Strategy Discussion
  • Title Tag & Meta Tag Creation
  • Technical SEO - (Robots.txt, Sitemap, etc.)
  • Internal Link Building (Cross-Linking)
  • Content Creation & Submission
  • Advanced On-Site / Code Optimization
  • Off-Site Link Building
  • eCommerce or Lead Generation Focused
  • Monthly Custom Report
  • Monthly Personalized Review Call
  • Advanced Conversion Optimization
  • AB / Variation Testing
  • Press Release Management
  • Duplicate Content Analysis
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