How to get more sales from your mobile visitors

How establishing a more profitable social media presence for your business

Mobile technologies and devices are the dominant force driving the commerce world these days. The odds are that you have a mobile device as well as a majority of your friends and families. In fact more people are turning to digital mobile phones than to land lines has become a well reported trend. It is critical that your business implement various strategies in order to maximize your sales potential. Here are a few ways in which you can do so.

Call in orders

There are two main ways in which mobile sales can be increased within your business. The first is to increase the effectiveness of your call in orders. According to Google, nearly half of those polled in a recent survey were frustrated or annoyed that they could not directly call a business to place an order or to inquire about a product or service.[1] Where it is true that you and I cannot spend the entire day monitoring the phones and sales (which would greatly hinder the productivity of the business), you an make it to where customers can contact your business if needed.

The best methodology that you can implement to increase your call in orders is to have an easy accessible and click to call feature on your mobile websites and social media. Placing your phone number in a easy to view location allows for mobile communication platforms such as skype to directly link to your number.

Secondly, make your mobile number a vanity number. What is a vanity number? I am glad that you asked. A vanity number is a number that briefly describes your business. Think about it. Which is easier for you to remember? Is it an 8 digit number or a descriptive word such as 1-800-SwanTEC? Furthermore, by using a descriptive word such as Swantec your mind immediately can relate the number to the logo or branding of the company, swan technologies.

Direct Ordering through mobile devices

If customers are getting frustrated with commerce sites and ordering, it is understandable. Many websites do not have any way in which to order products apart from calling the company or accessing a non-mobile friendly site. If I want to buy a product, I want to have the ability to do so quickly and from any internet capable device quickly.  A website that has direct payment options have higher sales rates than those which only offer ordering through a click to call or “standard” website.

There are many ways in which you can introduce direct payments into your mobile sales. One method is to use an ordering button on the mobile site. Most ecommerce sites will integrate a button into the mobile friendly site in order to make it more convenient to shop. However, smaller businesses which do not have a ton of product or only offer a few services can still implement direct payment by using buy it now buttons.

It is all about convenience and communications

For some reason, business owners have abandoned the philosophy that marketing takes tactics when mobile marketing. The same methods which are needed in physical sales are needed in mobile sales, especially if your business is primarily online. Would you just establish a physical location, get a business phone number, place one ad in a local paper and then hope for continuous traffic? Of course you would not. Online, you should not expect to have mobile sales if you do not have an easy to find and remember number, great communications with your potential clients, and an easy method in which to purchase and pay for your goods and services. Alongside your click to call and direct pay options, consider driving traffic to your sales page by implementing the following:

  • Make a business page on Facebook. Where some may say that this is a non-effective strategy, I would argue that one out of every 28 people in the world use Facebook so your presence there is needed.
  • Create a blog that describes your product. Allow for customer feedback and input as well as sharing.
  • Post “explainer” or “how to” videos on YouTube and other sites with links directly to your sales page. As there are over 1 billion users on YouTube, putting an explainer or how to video which links back to your mobile sales site is a great way to boost your sales.

Treat your mobile sales as a part of your business not a supporting crutch for it

There are several ways in which you can increase your mobile sales. Be creative and look for ways which will identify your business and make the mobile experience more engaging for your potential clients. The more that you treat your mobile sales like a business or a business department than a supporting avenue for your business, the more you will see your sales and finances increase.  Whether will you implement these strategies is up to you. But with all the information pointing to mobile sales and mobile devices being the future of commerce, why would you not?

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