Responsiveness is no more a feature,

it is a necessity.

Go beyond the traditional web design boundaries and delve into the world of responsive designs as it would put your website in the palms of users regardless what device they are using to access it.

Mobile-Friendly Website Design & Development

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan Responsive Website Design Services

A responsive website can be what separates you from your competition. If your prospective customers are looking for you on their mobile phone, you’ll want to have a responsive design.

Mobile phones have surpassed all the other devices when it comes to online searches for a few years now. Not only that, Google has long added responsiveness as one of their ranking factors in their search results – so being responsive is important for SEO as well. These two factors make it essential to have a responsive website.

You want to appear at the best possible position on mobile results. Having a good responsive design is the only way to go about this. Plus, Google has been working on a mobile ranking system that will keep non-responsive websites from appearing on mobile search results, which might keep you out of the biggest search source if your website is not up to date. This still hasn’t come to fruition, but when you get your website redesigned, you need to take the future into account.

What Is

Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Web Design makes sure your site easily viewed on any device and maximizes your visitor’s user experience. Most responsive websites use Bootstrap in their foundation to make it work across every device. Bootstrap and similar frameworks change the way your website’s written content and images appear on different devices, making it work on every format. This framework needs to be integrated on the website build so that it will shrink, slide, or even hide different parts of your website according to screen size.

Every device has its own adjustments that are needed in order to make your website work across all of them. For responsive web design to be correctly implemented, you need to understand how visitors are using your website currently. Where do they scroll, where do they click? We make that analysis for you and implement responsive web design so that you get the most out of your new website’s potential.

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The Benefits of Custom Responsive Website Design Services

Your website might not be the main source for your leads yet. However, as the internet grows and evolves, it has become of the utmost importance to have an online brand experience that resonates with your target audience. Your website will at many times be the first place people get to know your business.  These are the main benefits you get from a responsive website design in terms of brand recognition and lead collection.

  • A responsive website build will allow your visitors to have a consistent experience with your brand across all devices. This means they can search for your website on a mobile phone and then visit you again using a desktop not noticing any substantial difference that might affect navigation.
  • Since mobile searches account for the great majority of traffic, some people won’t even see the desktop version of your website. With a responsive website design, you make sure they’re easily able to convert on mobile straight away.
  • Good navigation is at the top of a great online experience. If your visitors have to constantly magnify your text to be able to read it, or they need to scroll a lot to get to your CTA, they’ll most likely give up. Online visitors aren’t patient enough to deal with non-responsive websites; it ruins their experience with your brand. No matter the percentage of leads you get from your website, you have to make it easy to navigate. Responsive website design makes navigation consistent across all devices.
Responsive Website Design Services Saskatchewan
Basic Responsive Design

Features We Focus On

We will design your website for optimal mobile display. Our responsive design approach involves:

  • Basic styling for mobile devices

  • Fast turnaround time

  • Smooth and enhanced user experience

  • Effortless uploading of the information

  • Optimization for search engines

  • Providing support for all browsers

  • Fixing the media display issues

Saskatchewan Responsive Web Design Services
What You Get

Using Our Company’s Help?

A number of companies trust us for creating highly effective responsive designs. Here is what will be included:

SEO-friendly Design

Being responsive is one of the factors taken into account towards your website’s position at search results. We make sure your website design takes into account your SEO strategy, and enhances it through the adequate frameworks.

Engaging and High-Quality Content

Your website has to be smoothly designed in order to collect leads or any other information. We place the most important information at the right places in order to make your website highly informative and clear.

Support and Help

No matter how well we design your website, there will always be a need for maintenance. Our support team provides quick turnaround with the help you need, when you need it.


What Clients Say


Working with Swan Technologies and Sunny is a true pleasure. We are very happy with the results of our project and will look to do additional work with Swan as soon as possible. We highly recommend this company and their work.

Jeffrey Julius- Harbor Consultants

Sunny and his team was excellent to work with. They were clear in communicating and were great to work with – specially when we had changing requirements. They promptly fixed issues based on our feedback and were extremely professional in getting the job done on time and in budget.

Aninda Bhunia- Natco Pharma (Canada) Inc.

Swan Technologies completed an initial SEO site optimization for my website which I was very happy with. The explained what they would be working on and provided timely updates. Sunny is easy to work with and is very responsive. I highly recommend Swan Technologies.

Chet Joshi


We, at Swan Technologies, are expert in designing responsive websites. We have years of experience and our expertise lets us deliver the seamless, effective and fast performing responsive websites. Talking about the prices, we provide you the best and feature-rich designs at just pocket-friendly rates making sure that you get the best value for your money. Our custom web design packages are created to meet your unique requirements and to create a perfect reflection of your business.