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Richard J. Ritz worked as a massage therapist in San Diego, California for approximately a year and a half and gained a lot of experience, often times working on around 40 people a week. His fascination with Reflexology wasn’t cultivated until he moved here to Austin, Texas. When he moved here in July of 2004 he was searching for a reflexologist in the area, to receive treatments, and learn from. To his surprise, he found One person and he wasn’t certified. Personally, he usually go by what others say about someone before he see them, so if no one has vouched for this person (certifiers) then how is he supposed to know whether it will be worth my time or money. To make a long story short, it was at this time that he decided to become a certified Reflexologist through the International Institute of Reflexology, as his research affirmed their efficacy in instructing competent Reflexologists. After a year of attending workshops and practicing he has now officially become certified by the International Institute of Reflexology.