Content Marketing Services Saskatchewan

Step 1: Study SEO

SEO content is necessary for your website to thrive. If you don’t optimize your site, you will find no one sees it, and therefore, probably no one uses it. Study an SEO course online and download an app that can register how optimized your site is. When you run an app like this you can enter your site’s web address, and the tool will tell you exactly how optimized it is. What you have done well, and the things you need to improve to make your site more searchable.

Step 2: Make Your Brand Accessible

Many businesses forget that they need to tell their customers who they are and where they are. Make sure that you create a business card that makes you stand out as a business. Keep a couple in your phone case and put them on display when you are working. Send them in your postal orders and ensure that they always have your website and contact information on them clearly. Post an image of your business card on your website and socials. You can use it as a banner too. This will ensure that customers see it and relate it back to your content.

Step 3: Use High-Quality Images

Use sites such as Pexels or Unsplash to source high quality, royalty-free images for your site. People don’t like to see blurred or out of focus photos. They expect a business to have a professional facade. Use these for all your content posts unless you have photographic skills, in which case you can use your own. Just make sure they are high quality. It is trending at the moment to use fewer filters and has a more natural look, so it is much harder to fake a great photo by putting a filter over the top. Use bold colors and patterns.

Step 4: Get Vlogging

Be sure you keep a video blog, rather than just all written content. People have more time on social media these days and are watching more videos on the internet than ever before. Keep with the trend and make sure you use great tags in your videos and keep them high quality. Don’t post any vids that you think are boring as this will be a turn off to customers and they are unlikely to check out your videos again.

Step 5: Short and Sweet

Keep your content short, sweet, and to the point: use quotes and poems, jokes and memes, as well as longer blog-type posts. Share images with only a few words for a caption and ask short leading questions. Don’t overwhelm customers. Make them feel at home interacting and engaging with your content. Bullet points and one line text posts can be a great way to separate up your writing if you need to post a longer blog post.

Remember to stay positive and enjoy what you are doing, don’t get fed up, and post content – it will come through in how you write, and no one wants to read that. Promote your companies voice through everything you post and keep a happy, vibrant attitude that refreshes and excites customer. Keep with the trends of what you are posting and relate, with links, back to products and styles about your business.

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